Vaudeville Hour
Notes from the director... - September 2023
Vaudeville on stage and in the classroom!!!
by Heidi Turnquist, Director of Education
While Vaudeville may seem like an older art form, at The Shedd there are several ways we keep Vaudeville alive! Our E. Y. Harburg Academy’s Vaudeville Hour, The Music Box class, and The Magical Moombah performance series provide many opportunities to participate. Vaudeville may be a performance art, but it can teach so much more to students than just being onstage!
Vaudeville is a true variety show, ranging from song and dance acts, to juggling, to comedy, to acrobatics, to magic, and beyond. The Magical Moombah, our homegrown performance series, combines classic vaudeville sketch routines with music, comedy, and guest performers in 4 different productions each season. The Friday performance is available to school groups and Saturdays have two performances with a special Music Box class included in between.
Our E. Y. Harburg Academy Vaudeville Hour gives students grades 5-9 the chance to learn these great skills and have a ton of fun putting together their own show with the help of Shedd faculty and guest instructors from The Shedd Theatricals. Students develop performance skills that will transfer to acting and musical theatre, while building confidence and presentation skills that lend themselves to public speaking and many other avenues in life.
The Music Box gives younger students hands-on experiences with more than 20 different instruments, comedy, puppet-making, and movement styles, while encouraging them to make musical connections and discoveries on their own. The Magical Moombah encourages creativity by showing the audience they can have a fun time and a great adventure with minimal technical resources. We want kids to “try this at home!”
The Magical Moombah, The Music Box, and The Vaudeville Hour focus primarily on traditional American Songbook and Musical Theatre music because we believe that the music and theatre styles that helped shape modern music should be understood and celebrated. We share songs with the youngest generations that they might not learn elsewhere these days.
Many comedians, actors, singers, and dancers from the Golden Age of Hollywood got their start in Vaudeville. Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Julie Andrews, and Carey Grant (who performed under the name Archie Leach) are just a few of the big names in film and television who started on stage, along with composers and lyricists such as George and Ira Gershwin, Harold Arlen, and Jerome Kern. Shedd students learn this musical history and context.
The Music Box, the Vaudeville Hour, and the Moombah gently encourage your youngsters to join in the fun and rewards of lifelong music-making. Come join the fun!
Term Announcements
- Fall classes begin Saturday, September 9.
Begin private lessons anytime!
- The School is closed: Thu, Nov 23 (Thanksgiving), & MOn, Dec 25 (Christmas)
- Lessons must be specifically scheduled: Nov 24, Dec 18-31
Focus on the Classes...
kids playing violin
The Music Box
Is your child interested in music, but you aren’t sure where to start, or what instrument is a good fit? Come and try The Music Box, a class specifically designed to get elementary age students involved in music using discovery, play, and hands-on experience with a wide range of instruments and movement styles. Students will get to play multiple instruments throughout the term while also seeing demonstrations from Shedd Faculty. The Music Box offers two scheduling options (Mon/Wed 4:00-5:25 & Tue/Thu 4:00-5:25 ) to help fit in with your schedule.
Singing Club
Group Singing
Whether you want to sing onstage for an audience, or just with a group of friends, The Shedd has something for you! Our vocal department head, Amy Adams, leads two singing groups each term, both of which are specifically tailored for a different kind of singer. Come sign the masterworks with The Shedd Choral Society (Tues 6:30-8:00) and perform for the public at The Shedd each term! If you are less inclined to sing for an audience, The Shedd Signing Club (Wed 4:30-5:3) might be a great fit for you! Amy uses pieces from the American Music Songbook, along with Musical Theatre standards to teach the singing club members the fundamentals of singing while having a ton of fun along the way!
Mr Big
The Magical Moombah!
We are happy to announce our 2023-24 Magical Moombah season starts in September with Kitchen Calamity! Join the Moombahteers all throughout the school year as their adventures take them on a trip to the circus in Under The Big Top!, to the Wild West in Rockin’ Rodeo!, and to the Pacific Islands in Island Hop!. Each Magical Moombah show has a Friday school performance where school groups can attend, along with two performances on Saturday, with a special Music Box session in between. Audience members are encouraged to dress up and join in all the fun by joining us onstage to tell jokes, participate in contests, sing, and dance!!!
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