Kenan Edler
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Catch The Wind
Kenan Edler
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Kenan Edler is a musician and luthier who has been a regular in the Eugene music scene since moving here in 2012. He is happy to call Eugene his home now and enjoys the diversity of musicians he has collaborated with here.  He currently makes appearances with Skip Jones and the Spirit of New Orleans, the Concrete Delta Trio and Girin Guha.  His musical background is eclectic as he has played with many bands and styles.  Of note, he started traveling to perform big band jazz at age 15 and traveled in a dead wave band, Phantods, for 10 years across the United States.  Kenan will feel just as comfortable playing jazz as he would playing bossa nova, rock, honky-tonk, metal, and so on... “If it has a pulse, I’ll find it and make it feel good.”
Mar 18-19SP 2022-23Some Bright MorningJaqua
Apr 21-23SP 2022-23I Can't Stop Loving YouJaqua
Jun 24-25SP 2022-23Blowin' In The WindJaqua
Aug 4OFAM 2023Boum!Jaqua
Oct 7-8SP 2023-24Catch The WindJaqua
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The Eye Center
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