Julian Simmons
Spring Term 2023
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Julian Simmons
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Background, professional training and performance history
Lucy has been singing as long as she can remember, and began her formal study of voice at the age of eight. Not lJulian Simmons started their music studies at the age of 5 with the violin and later transitioned to the cello. They have been a member of the Central Oregon Youth Orchestra, premiered music at Carnegie Hall, participated in State and All-State individual and group competitions, and was voted the 10th best high school cellist in Oregon by the Music Educators Association. Julian is currently a member of the Central Oregon Symphony. His teaching experience has been developed in his co-teaching role with the Awesome After School Orchestra and Summer Strings programs for 3 years. In addition to supporting student classroom experiences, in addition Julian has had 6 year experience teaching private lessons, and 4 years in the music classroom. Julian is a professional, polite, and helpful educator with a reverent passion towards teaching and music.
Julian was raised within the Suzuki doctrine but has since branched out to work with private study philosophies such as the Kummer or Popper methods. In addition they have developed an extensive background with the essential elements teaching methodology, add has worked directly under many of the composers responsible for the modern music classroom zeitgeist including but not limited to Jeffery Bishop, Richard Meyer, Christopher Tin, Chris Thomas, and Michael Gesme.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
"I believe in music as a tool for self-analysis, both in and outside of the classroom. By approaching our internal systems with intentional directed will we can become a more whole version of ourselves and live a more complete life! When applied to my teaching this means that I always approach learning objectives from a humanistic "student based" perspective. When asked why he still practices every day at the age of 70 Pablo Casals famously said "because I believe I'm making progress" and I want more than anything to afford the people around me the opportunity graced to Mr. Casals through his lifelong journey in music. In summary, there is a better version of any given person, and I'm sure that the study of music is an invaluable tool in unlocking our potential as human beings."
Instruments & classes taught
Julian teaches violin, fiddle, piano, viola, bass (electric & upright), guitar (electric & acoustic), and cello.
Julian Simmons teaches these Spring Term 2023 courses:
9:00 amPrivate Lesson