Ginevra Ralph (Director of Community & Cultural Services)

Ginevra Ralph

Director of Community & Cultural Services

Lynnea Barry (Corporate Relations)

Lynnea Barry

Corporate Relations

Rose Heising (Stewardship Assistant)

Rose Heising

Stewardship Assistant

Rachael Stegmaier (Communications)

Rachael Stegmaier


Ticket Office
Shannon Schmitt (Ticket Office Manager)

Shannon Schmitt

Ticket Office Manager

Hannah Rudkin (Ticket Office Assistant)

Hannah Rudkin

Ticket Office Assistant

Lily Rodriguez Drake (Ticket Office Assistant)

Lily Rodriguez Drake

Ticket Office Assistant

Kelli Langlands (Patron services assistant)

Kelli Langlands

Patron services assistant

Heidi Turnquist (Director of Education)

Heidi Turnquist

Director of Education

Jessica Peck (Music School Operations Assistant)

Jessica Peck

Music School Operations Assistant

Venue Services
Bo Culver (Hospitality and Event Coordinator)

Bo Culver

Hospitality and Event Coordinator

Shannon Schmitt (Patron Services Coordinator)

Shannon Schmitt

Patron Services Coordinator

Jim Ralph (Executive Producer)

Jim Ralph

Executive Producer

Tony Roethler (Performance Services)

Tony Roethler

Performance Services

Alex Lopez (Artistic Administrator)

Alex Lopez

Artistic Administrator

Rachael Stegmaier (Supervisor, Research & Design)

Rachael Stegmaier

Supervisor, Research & Design

Mackenzie Roland (Research & Design)

Mackenzie Roland

Research & Design

Jim Ralph (Research & Design, IT)

Jim Ralph

Research & Design, IT

Jim Ralph (Executive Director)

Jim Ralph

Executive Director

Tony Roethler (Business Office)

Tony Roethler

Business Office

Jan Easton (Operations, Building)

Jan Easton

Operations, Building